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Colibri 2-RevA-front3d-2.png

Colibri is a low-cost automation system, primarily intended for building automation, home automation, energy supervision, agriculture supervision and similar systems. Main features beside costs are;

  • Flexible I/O system, via Expansion Cards in M.2 Key E sockets.
  • Power supply of 9-36 Volt, either AC or DC (some expansion cards won't work with DC supply)
  • Colibri-1 using LoraWAN for communications.
  • Colibri-2 is a full-fledged Raspberry Pi, built with Compute Module 4 (CM4)

Form Factor

Colibri expansion boards are 22x42mm and has an edge connector called M.2 Key E. Many of the pins are following the Key E standard, but Colibri boards have additional requirements, which is not available in the official standard.

WARNING!!! Do NOT plug Colibri expansion boards into other equipment. Do NOT plug any M.2 card into a Colibri system, unless that card/board is specifically made for Colibri.

Planned Boards

Name Type Description Status
Colibri-1-RevB-front3d.pngColibri-1-RevB-box.png Colibri-1 Colibri Host Minimal Colibri Host with 2 expansion cards. MCU slot is to be populated with Dragino LoRaSt module. Prototyping on-going
Colibri-2-RevA-front3d.png Colibri-2 Colibri Host Colibri Host with 7 expansion cards, two Ethernet ports, 4 USB ports and SDcard connector. Ready for prototype
Colibri aic-RevA-front3d.pngColibri aic-RevA-back3d.png Colibri AIC I/O Expansion Two analog 0-20mA inputs Prototyping on-going
Colibri aiv-RevA-front3d.png Colibri aiv-RevA-back3d.png Colibri AIV I/O Expansion Two analog 0-10V inputs Prototyping on-going
Colibri aqv-RevA-front3d.png Colibri aqv-RevA-back3d.png Colibri AQV I/O Expansion Two analog 0-10V outputs Prototyping on-going
Colibri diu-RevA-front3d.png Colibri diu-RevA-back3d.png Colibri DIU I/O Expansion Four digital inputs, for state, counter, pulsewidth measurement. On-board STM32F030 for ability to count very fast pulses and high accuracy PWM measurements. Ready for prototype
Colibri pid-RevA-front3d.png Colibri pid-RevA-back3d.png Colibri PID1 I/O Expansion PID regulator, with a PT1000 input and a 0-10V analog output. On-board STM32F030 for host-independent operation. Ready for prototype
Colibri pt1000-RevA-front3d.png Colibri pt1000-RevA-back3d.png Colibri Pt1000 I/O Expansion Two PT1000 temperature sensor inputs. Ready for prototype
Colibri rs485u-RevA-front3d.png Colibri rs485u-RevA-back3d.png Colibri RS485U I/O Expansion Two non-isolated RS-485 ports. On-board STM32F030 implementing Modbus protocol, either as master or slave device. Ready for prototype
Colibri ssr-RevA-front3d.png Colibri ssr-RevA-back3d.png Colibri SSR I/O Expansion Two Solid State Relays, ON/OFF. Ready for prototype
Colibri triac1-RevA-front3d.png Colibri triac1-RevA-back3d.png Colibri TRIAC1 I/O Expansion Four Triac outputs, driving 24V AC. Ready for prototype