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Back when was started we noticed that Microsoft's Bing was much better at indexing than Google was. For a while about half of our traffic originated from Bing and it appeared that Bing was much better at suggesting relevant results.

Then in the early July 2022 the following happened:

Removed from Bing.png

In Bing Webmaster tools it looked like this:

Bing Webmaster traffic gone.png

What was/is really weird is that this happened with absolutely no warning and absolutely no explanation. Now, if had been a spam site this would have been a natural and reasonable thing, but fact is, only contains original material, and more importantly, contains material which does not exist anywhere else. A few examples of that:

Not to mention all the effort going into the development of the STM32World series of development boards.

The crazy thing is that according to Bing webmaster tools, the site is still well indexed:

Bing indexed pages.png


I did write to Bing support and after 3 weeks I got a message that the site was back. On further inquiry they refused to explain why it had been removed in the first place.