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Who are We?

Awesome Audio Apparatus is a small team of Eurorack Modular Synthesizer enthusiasts, electronics designers and software developers. Our mission is to bring down the cost for Eurorack Modular systems, as they currently run into thousands of dollars for a "starter set up" to a magnitude more for a large system.


Demiurge 1

Our first product is Demiurge 1, an experimentation platform for digital sound processing. The hardware specification is very generic and straight forward;

  • Two analog outputs, DC coupled to be equally suitable for audio, CV and Gate functionality.
  • Four analog inputs, also DC coupled for the same reasons.
  • One digital input/output for Gate or Trig functionality.
  • Four Potentiometers
  • Four RGB LEDs
  • Four push buttons
  • Power over 16-pin standard Eurorack power header
  • Programming header, with SWDIO/SWCLK (flashing) and USART (debugging tty)
  • Optional SDcard connector
  • Optional USB-C connector (very difficult to solder)

The Demiurge 1 can either be programmed with the Demiurge Sound Processing Engine, or directly to the MCU and hardware.


MIDI is the standard for digital control of music instruments, which has a legacy DIN connector or can run over USB. MIDItio is a USB device that listens on two MIDI channels and converts it to two analog outputs for Pitch and two digital outputs for Gate.

See MIDItio for more details.