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I recently started doing quite a big of exercise, and decided to get myself a smartwatch to help me monitor that. This one on AliExpress caught my eye.

The Ad

AD Front page.png

I had previously bought several other models for my wife, all of which had performed well and worked as advertised, so I was reasonably confident about the shop and their product.

The "ad" went on stating the following:

AD Further Details.png

Exciting stuff - further explained later:

More GPS.png

Apparently it also supports games:


The dual timezone feature is cool:

Dual Time Zone.png

Wireless charging with a "pad":


The Reality

Unfortunately, the reality have very little to do with the advertised product. The following features are completely missing/absent:

  1. GPS Tracking - It is unclear how this is intended to work, BUT the ad clearly show a watch with the map on the display itself. This feature simply does not exist.
  1. Wireless Charging - The watch received got a cable with a magnetic connector with two leads. There is absolutely nothing wireless about that and eventually those two connection points will fail.
  1. Games - I don't personally care about this but the feature is simply not there.
  1. Dual Timezone Watch Face - Could be very convenient for me but the feature is not there.
  1. NFC - Not included.

In short, a LOT of features advertised that are not really there.

The Complaint

Based on the complete lack of any of the advertised selling point, I wrote a message directly to LIGE giving them an opportunity to rectify the issues.

Complaint 1.png

LIGE responded quickly with:

Response 1.png

I honestly do not know what they mean by track function. The ad shown above clearly show a MAP on the actual watch. It is quite obvious that the watch itself does not include a GPS receiver and probably would have to rely on my phone for that, but the point is - the watch itself have absolutely ZERO way of showing an actual map with way points.

At this point I decided that the watch did not include the feature I requested, so I requested a refund from AliExpress. Immediately after I requested that refund, LIGE send me another message:

Response 2.png

Ah, so now suddenly they do claim GPS motion is supported. I guess this response was to further justify their wrongful ad. They also rejected my request for a refund:


Here again - presumably for the benefit of AliExpress - they claim GPS, NFC and Wireless charging are supported - which they are NOT.

AliExpress Response

By far the most interesting is how AliExpress respond to reports about sellers who lie to the customers. At the end of the day it is their reputation which is on the line. IF AliExpress is openly supporting or helping sellers which are dishonest that should make it impossible to trust them. If AliExpress penalize sellers that lie then as a customer it is worth using their service.