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What is a timer?

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How to find the documentation

As mentioned elsewhere, ST manufacture an incredible number of different STM32 MCUs. It might appear hard to find the information about the one specific MCU one is working on. There are in principle _two_ sources of documentation:

  1. the datasheet
  2. the reference manual

Each STM32 MCU have a datasheet, which always provide an overview of the available timers for that specific MCU, and a reference manual which provide all the details. If we look at the datasheet for the STM32F103 MCU, we will find the following on the very first page (Features):

STM32F103 Features Timers.png

In section 2.3.15 we will find the following:

STM32F103 Timers and watchdogs.png

In other words, this particular MCU has got 1 advanced timer and 3 general purpose timers (the advanced timer just got more features - it _can_ act exactly like a general purpose timer if these advanced features are not needed.

Basic Timer Operation

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Pulse Width Modulation

See STM32 Pulse Width Modulation.

Rotary Encoder

See STM32 Rotary Encoder.

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