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A number of the STM32F4xx devices are equipped with two USB ports, one FS (Full Speed) and one HS (High Speed). The HS port has a built-in FS PHY, but to achieve HS, an external PHY is necessary.

USB HS Interface.png

Enabling USB HS port in Stm32CubeMX reveals the pinpout:

STM32F4xx USB HS Pinout.png


To save a crystal, the STM32F4xx can be driven by a 24 MHz crystal, which is then outputted on MCO1:

24 MHz MCO1.png

Store bought USB3300 breakout

To test the HS PHY I managed to find a Chinese breakout board:

USB3300 ULPI Breakout.jpg

With this board I managed to verify it working, but the USB Mini-B connector was/is annoying.

USB3300 breakout board

USB3300 Breakout.jpg

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