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M1s module without shield

BL808 Block Diagram

BL808 Block Diagram.jpg

BL808 Cores


OpenBouffalo BL808 Linux Build

mkdir buildroot_bouffalo && cd buildroot_bouffalo
git clone
git clone
export BR_BOUFFALO_OVERLAY_PATH=$(pwd)/buildroot_bouffalo
cd buildroot
make BR2_EXTERNAL=$BR_BOUFFALO_OVERLAY_PATH pine64_ox64_defconfig

Development boards

M1s Dock

M1s doc pin map.png

The board is somewhat confusing as it contains two mcu's. The actual module is a BL808 but there is also a BL702 which acts like a debug and usb-uart. The UART USB port is connected to the BL701 and provides serial interfaces. The OTG port is connected directly to the BL808.

The boot button can be used to boot either of the MCU's into firmware update mode. Press and hold while connecting the power and the BL702 can be flashed. Press and hold boot while pressing reset and the BL808 is starting in firmware update mode.

M1s Flashing

Mcu flash.png

Iot flash.png

M1s Dock Links



Ox64 pinout.png

Ox64 Links

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