AW9523B GPIO Expander

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While checking the standard parts on JLCPCB, I came across a Chinese I²C GPIO extender known as AW9523B (datasheet).

These devices essentially operates like any other GPIO extender (such as the good old MCP23017) but they are really cheap. While a MCP23017 typically will cost around $1-$2 in small volumes, the AW9523B start around $0.29 (LCSC).

AW9523B Pinout.png

This part is relatively unknown - at least outside China, but it does have a really interesting feature and that is the ability to drive leds by controlling the led current.

AW9523B Leds.png

The AW9523B is only available in a QFN package and because these are really hard to hand solder, I decided to create a simple breakout board for this part:

AW9523B GPIO Expander Breakout - schematic without frame.png

AW9523B GPIO Expander Breakout Boards.jpg

AW9523B GPIO Expander Breakout Board.jpg