7 Segment LED Display Modules

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Collection of LED Display Modules

For a project, I needed to display some numbers. There are of course a lot of different way to approach this, but a cheap (and presumably easy) way is to get some old fashioned 7 segment LED display modules.

The 7 segment LED displays literally consist of 7 LEDs arranged in a way where numbers can be displayed. From a random datasheet they are all arranged like this:

7 Segment LED Display.png

In other words, to drive 1 digit one would need 8 GPIOs.

This is of course quite hard if one were to drive 4 or 8 digits (4 x 8 = 32 or 8 x 8 = 64 GPIOs needed).

As is quite usual with me, I might (as can be seen on the photo to the right) have overdone it a bit and I managed to get 3 different types.

These modules are readily available and they are absolutely insanely cheap. Unfortunately, cheap usually means:

  • Poorly Documented
  • Some bizarre communications protocol

4 Digit Display Module

The first module is one with 4 digits.

4 Digit Display.jpg

This one is based on a chip called TM1637.

Crazy 8 Digit, LED and Button Module

Crazy 8 Digit Display, LED and Button module.jpg

This module is based on a TM1638.

8 Digit LED Display module

The last one is based on a MAX7716 (clone).

8 Digit LED Display.jpg

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