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The 24Cxx series is a series of EEPROMs that are accessed through I²C.

Blood Glucose Monitor Calibration Stick

A while back I purchased one of these Blood Glucose Monitors:

Cd5f9f1fdf6ed9e8affe68bcf1b56915.jpg 2200x2200q80.jpg .webp

What makes them interesting is that the actual test strips are packaged together depending on calibration value. The value is indicated on the canister:

Calibration value.webp

And each batch comes with a calibration stick which needs to be inserted into the reader before use.

IMG 20230829 093739.jpg

These calibration sticks caught my curiosity and I had to rip one of them apart. Inside is a very simple circuit consisting of a capacitor, a few resistors and an IC labelled "24C08A". Digging into the


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