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JLCPCB is a Chinese PCB manufacturer. They offer prototype PCB's at very reasonable pricing.

Quality Issue Case 1

Yesterday (2024-04-09) I received delivery from JLCPCB with many boards (~10 different types). One of those boards have a STM32F030, WS2812B and two RS485 transceivers and nothing much else. I had ordered 5pc as this going to be used in a custom machine, and I only need one board. Since I have made dozens, if not over a 100 orders from JLCPCB by now, I didn't check the boards much more than cursory glance that components are there and not out of placement.

Hooked it up to my DIY STM32 Programmer (ST-Link/V2-1) and got it recognized in `st-info` as a `STM32F09x`. That was odd. I tried to figure out if I had accidentally placed the wrong Cnnnnn number in the BOM, and whether JLCPCB was out of stock and had made a last minute replacement with equivalent part... Then I noticed

Fake STM32F030

the black package. ST always has faily clear prints on their MCUs, so instantly knew it was wrong part. After checking the other 4 boards, it turns out that ONLY ONE has this fake component. Which is in a way even more concerning than if all 5 were wrong, in which case it could have been an honest mistake by staff.

I have submitted a so called "Quality Complaint" (a button on your order), where I stress that I am not looking for monetary compensation (it really makes no difference to me) and that I urge them to find the root cause of this. It is quite obvious when the wrong microcontroller is placed on the board, but what-if it was protective components, power regulators or precision resistors.

It has now been 24 hours since complaint was submitted and no news.