ColorLight I5

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ColorLight I5 module

ColorLight I5 Module

The ColorLight I5 module is designed and sold to drive LED displays. As such they make a lot of them and get the FPGA cheaper than they are commonly available.


  • 24000 LUTs
  • 56 sysMEM block RAMs of 16kb each

Extension Board

Extension Board Pinout

Courtesy of Tom Verbeure's excellent post:

Button and LED Board

IO Button and LED - top view.jpg

The Extension Board has got a number of I/O's neatly arranged together in groups of 8, each group with it's own 3.3V power and GND. To be able to add input buttons and output LED's, I created a small I/O board for this purpose.

IO Button LED schematics.png

In order not to put a load on the I/O pin, the LEDs are driven by a MOSFET.

When a I/O port is running as an input (need a pull down) the LED will light up when the button is pressed.


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